I fell in love with Krakow – Aurora from Geece

I fell in love with Krakow – Aurora from Geece

Hi everyone, 

I’m Aurora, IntegrART project volunteer in 2019-2020. I’m still assimilating how deep the impact of this project was on me. Nowadays, I live in Madrid, where I’m from, I’m working and I try to keep the feelings, the thoughts and the learned that I got in this life experience. I feel I grew, I bloomed in this incredible city, Krakow. 

I was working in Maltese Center, a therapeutic and educational center for children with autism  and other disabilities. I supported normal classes, aqua therapy as well as music therapy groups. I also started to do art therapy. I participated in the special moments of the center and I felt very integrated. My coordinator Milka and the other teachers embraced and helped me from the beginning. The most funny moment of the week was the Spanish lessons, I taught Spanish to Sylwia and Anna once per week and It was the only thing that I could do from home connected with Maltese during the lock down.

Actually, the Polish lessons that I took with my flatmates were so funny as well! 

The chance to create our own festival was really exciting. Working all together, sharing ideas, building something, solving problems… made me grow a lot. Mostly I was in charge of the poetry jam, I looked for international poets living in Krakow and we made a really cool group of german, spanish, ukrainian, american and polish poems and poets. This impelled me to write my own book of poems. 

Also the city has inspired me so far. I fell in love with Krakow. Walk in the Planty park, run in Krakowskie Błonia, practice yoga next to the Wisła river, hike in Tatra mountains, swim in the lakes, read at Bunkier bar, visit museums and little art galleries, hang out in Kazimierz…, walk, bike, look, smell, drink, eat and feel every corner of this amazing little piece in the world. 

Even more than with Krakow,  I fell in love with people that I met here. We shared feelings, thoughts, magic moments, wonderful places, same space and time. 

To sum up I’m very grateful and I will be forever. 


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