Put your skills to use – Matteo

Put your skills to use – Matteo

Dear Volunteers! My name is Matteo and I have some advices for you. Put your skills to use. You’ll have to work on a lot of different things, but the most satisfying ones will be the ones that somehow are related to something you like. Try to do things that are related to where you want to be in the future. It might come up useful, who knows. Your on-arrival and mid-term trainings will be fantastic occasions to socialize with other volunteers in the country. For me, perhaps, they were the two best social moments of the year, as I’ve met people that I’ve stayed in touch with and that I’ve visited during the year. Visiting other volunteers is a very good way to get to know Poland. There’ll be both good moments and bad moments. Meeting a new country is like meeting an interesting but weird person. Sometimes they can annoy you, sometimes you can have with them the best exchanges of your life. In the end, they will add something to your mind. Now that I’m about to leave Krakow I feel a certain melancholy. I hope that you will have a surprising and great year and that, in one year from now, you’ll also be in my shoes, feeling melancholic about leaving Krakow.

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