Enjoy this year – Javier from Spain

Enjoy this year – Javier from Spain

Hello! My name is Javier and I started working on 27 Lo Kraków, at the high school with Dominika, the coordinator. I have also been working for the other cultural centers and helping my colleagues in their projects but above all, creating my personal project. This will be more for the next volunteer after me but the rest of you can take it as motivation and learning. Do not be alarmed by what you may feel the first days, take your assimilation time since you have just moved to Kraków and the stay is long. Take advantage of the freedom that this project offers you, be yourself and guide the people around you and support them. On the high school, from the beginning I remarked that I was not just another teacher, I was there to be their friend, it takes time to get there but it comes, trust me. More now with the current situation they even need that close person in whom they can take refuge and trust, the moment you get it, everything works by itself. The students are really lovely persons and really kind, looking forward to the volunteers going there, in this case, you. About the work, there’s no a perfect way of doing it perfectly every time, we are humans, not robots so that’s why the best it’s to give flexibility to the students and give them also the power of decision because they’ll be tired of the normal hours so approach your individual lessons to give them that priority. Dominika will always be there to help you in case you need it and will provide you with the materials you need for your lessons. After the long text, I can only say in general, enjoy this year because it is a unique experience and it will be a year that will make a difference in your life, enjoy the company in the flat, support each other, dance a lot, EVERYTHING. Do everything without overthinking (responsibly) but enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy.

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