I was lucky enough to travel around Poland – Jeanne from France

I was lucky enough to travel around Poland – Jeanne from France

Dear Future volunteers,

My name is Jeanne and I would like to welcome you to the Integrat family! Here you will do incredible things. I started my EVS in the Klub Kultury Przegorzaly on the 1rst of October 2019. I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects that was already implemented or conceived but also to make my own. I have organized a weekly French discussion class, created an event about the Christmas traditions all around the word, I have also participated and implemented activities with children during the winter camp and so much more… I also worked weekly with my colleagues on the communication (from social media to poster design) and the maintenance of the Klub. I curated an exhibition “ I was here”. But most of all, I created with the 5 other volunteers the Artmosphere festival. This experience was incredible and taught me a lot personally, and professionally. The real plus of this project is for me the freedom in the creation of projects that are important to me while been supported and help all along the way by my colleagues to make every project the best it could be. Be creative and be bold!

But of course the project its not just about work. I was lucky enough to travel around Poland with my roommates. I loved the lakes, the mountains, the cities… It’s a real divers country, you will always find something you like! I also lived Krakow, I walked everywhere trying to soak myself in the magic of this city. We went to traditional events and festivals (in the maximum of our possibility due to covid ?). Krakow is a vibrant city, that mix incredible cultural place, beautiful parks and nature and lively bars and restaurant. Finally, here I met some incredible people, both Polish and non-polish, that will stay with me forever. Here your strength will be the 5 other people that you live with, they will become your rocks, you stress reliever, your  confidence, your laugh machine, your all world.

Enjoy !!!

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