I was waiting for that kind of experience for more than 7 years – Alejandro from Spain

I was waiting for that kind of experience for more than 7 years – Alejandro from Spain

Yey! I’m Alex, a Spanish volunteer in Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr XXVII im. dr. H. Jordana and this year, probably, was the best I had in my life.

Basically I was waiting for that kind of experience for more than 7 years and it finally came.

During this year I had the opportunity to improve a lot of skills meeting new people, learning different languages, communing with other cultures, trying new food, discovering amazing new places and enjoying myself like never before.

My work in the high school was very interesting because I was in contact with a lot of students with a great age to have good conversations, talk about their worries for the future, different cultures, travels, or sometimes just joking and laughing. I was teaching Spanish and had English conversations where our topics were so interesting, I also had photography and video classes where they learn how to take pictures and record videos properly and later edit it and everything with something everyone has in their pocket – the phone. Also I was working in physical education classes where I prepared some different games with materials trying to be funny and not too hard (right, guys? )

My time in the school was very productive with my battle partner Dominika (who doesn’t stop working the whole year), because we’ve worked a lot also with social media almost every day creating content, designs, taking pictures, editing videos etc. This is something I always loved, and that’s why I created the project called “27LO Talents” where the idea was to record the different talents our students have and show on our social media. The main idea of this is not necessary to be super striking or amazing, but show normal things that maybe sometimes can go unnoticed and create something great. Also we worked a lot on our presence in the social media and made an amazing promotional video in which a good part of students and teachers were participating and did a very good job. In the second semester we organised school’s open days and I created new leaflets, posters and presentations for the school. The promotion was really good and successful and we got a lot of new students and teachers this year

One of the last project I created was the big neon of almost 3 meters for the school. I’m really happy and proud to be able to create that and share some knowledge with others like the neon say (“Otwarci na wiedzę, otwarci na świat…”)

During the year I also had the opportunity to start a radio program with Arrate called “La Jungla” in Jazzkultura radio station. This was for me sometimes super special because I had time for express myself in my mother language once a week with my almost sister. It was a music program where we set a topic and played songs in relation to this topic while commenting and telling stories about this, so freaking nice.

One of the best things this year was that I had the opportunity to travel a lot, for me was incredible to see other cultures and do different activities which I never did before. I’m completely sure I’m not the same person who came here on 1st November of 2021.

I learnt, I shared, I enjoyed, I cried, I got bored, I was extremely happy… it was amazing.

Thank you Kraków.♥️

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