This year will be what you will make out of it, so be creative – Tereza from Slovakia

This year will be what you will make out of it, so be creative – Tereza from Slovakia


I am Tereza from Slovakia and in less than two weeks I will finish my one-year-long experience with IntegrART 6. I had an incredible time, here in Kraków with other volunteers and my coworkers. I could write about my experience couple pages but that is not necessary. I am sure that you, as the next IntegrART volunteer, will very soon realize, what an incredible experience this is.

The people in the project are always fun to be around. No matter what troubles you are going through, you can always ask them. Don’t be afraid to suggest new ideas and propose your project. This is a year for you, so take advantage of it. Living in Poland, in the center of Kraków, is one of the biggest advantages of this project. Don’t worry, you will have enough opportunities to travel during project activities, as well as on your own.

To live with 5 random people of different nationalities and ages can be a little scary and challenging at times. But it’s all about communication and being flexible. Of course, luck also plays a small part in this, but believe me, if you will get along, you will gain friends for life.

To share some more personal feelings, my favorite thing I learned this year is that I can gain strength from making people happy. Making workshops and preparing art classes for kids, youth, or adults, and seeing them be happy and relaxed, or even developing new hobbies is a feeling I want to look for in my future.

Remember, this year will be what you will make out of it. So be creative. Good luck!


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