One of the best experiences of my life – Arrate from Spain

 One of the best experiences of my life – Arrate from Spain

These past months in Krakow have been one of the best experiences of my life. I am writing this in the last weeks of the project and still processing and looking back to what happened during this time in Krakow. 

I have been working in Klub Kultury Wola, a small but charming place which offers different activities for the neighbors of the area. The workers there are like a little family and I felt very welcome. They gave me all opportunities to come up with ideas for workshops of any kind. I was able to have a space to share one of my favorite things in the whole world: dancing.  These workshops in general were a great way to get in contact with local people and to do things I’ve never done before like work with toddlers and kids. 

We also have been hosting a radio program for Spanish speakers at Dworek’s radio Jazzkultura. This was a blast to do. Every Wednesday Alex, which at this point is almost like the annoying little brother I never had, and I would go to the studio and record the live show “La Jungla”. This was a very unique opportunity to have an experience that I will cherish forever. 

Sadly, reality hits hard sometimes and in consequence of the war in Ukraine, we have been seeing quite closely the repercussions of it. Thankfully, we have been able to contribute with our grain of salt in various ways organizing workshops to collect items and such for the refugees as well as going to Szafa Dobra.

I fell in love with some corners of the city, got to get a bit more involved in the local dancing scene and got to travel a bit. One of the best things I got from this project is the people I got to meet along the way, especially my flatmates. I’m going to miss my Pijarska family. 

Overall, being here has given me the environment to grow in many ways, and has been the catalizator of many great things happening in my life that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. 

It opened many doors and opportunities in my mind both professionally and personally. It’s been a very special journey full of growth.

Thank you all for this amazing experience, 


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