Our experience of volunteer’s mid-term training

Our experience of volunteer’s mid-term training

In April and May our team went on a mid-term training for European Solidarity Corps volunteers! For each of us that week was full of new discoveries, inspiration, motivation and some hope for the future in the project and also after this experience. Since we all had trainings separately, we want to share our impressions!


In April I went to Torun for the mid-term, 5 days of meetings with other volunteers in Poland. It was a different experience from the On arrival in Warsaw, because I noticed that all of us have more awareness and knowledge of what it means to be a volunteer. We shared our experiences, our fear and thoughts, and It was very useful because we understood that we are all in the same situation: a little bit confused about our future, but also happy and proud to be in Poland as a volunteers. We gave each other a lot of advice on how to live the last months as much as possible, how to improve as a volunteer in the practical part and how to find something to do after the project. During these days I met new great friends and I can`t wait to meet them in different countries of Europe. On the long journey back to Krakow, I realized how much this year has made me change in a positive way and how grateful I am to be here with my friends.


For me midterm was a different experience from the on arrival training but at the same time as impactful as the on arrival. Went there with more comfort as I knew what I was about to do and turned out that the training came exactly at the right moment. Before going there I was in a weird place thinking about the future and with low energy, but once I stepped my feet there everything changed. It was so helpful to me getting to know 16 other volunteers and sharing moments together, even having some deep conversations about our past and future lives. In total it made me come back with more energy, less stressed and more determined about the rest months here on the project but also for the future.


Mid-term training mainly focused on personal reflection. Through various activities we talk about our volunteering and what impact we made by our work, we discussed what is solidarity and how did we implement it in our activities. This training really helped me realize how happy and grateful I am to be part of IntegrART 6 💜


My mid-term was a little bit different, as it was not held in Toruń, but in Konstancin-Jeziorna. It is a small town near Warsaw with many green areas, parks, and a rich history. In total, we were 12 participants from 7 countries who volunteered in different parts of Poland. It is always interesting to hear about the activities and lifestyles of other volunteers because, even though we have a lot in common, these are always diverse and exciting stories. I liked the tasks that allowed me to reflect on the experience gained in the project and share my achievements with others. At the end of the training, we talked about the future after the project. It was incredibly useful to discuss the possibilities and prospects for further development. In general, the training was very interesting, rich and productive. I met a lot of incredible people, I got recharged by their energy and I already have some plans for the next trips!


At midterm I had to meet new people from all over the world and share my experience with them. Moreover, I could reconnect and catch up with people I met on the on-arrival training. We spent five days reflecting on our projects and our impact and explored Torun as well. For me, listening to the experience of others and thinking about the past months and my learnings was very valuable.


Without expectations, mid-term turned out to be a very useful week for my volunteering experience. I found myself bonding with other volunteers more since this time more personal topics were covered. It felt like a very safe space to share, to hear and to come up with something that you didn’t think about before. Activities from the training helped me to understand what I expect from myself and my project at the current stage of volunteering, what I prioritize and how I can make the most out of this time to enjoy each moment!

I liked what Toruń had to offer as the city and spending our free time wondering around it’s streets! It was a new part of Poland to discover 🙂 I would also recommend volunteers to use that opportunity to visit other cities nearby that are popular for tourists like Gdańsk and Sopot.

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