Different but equal. Volunteers discuss Pride month and diversity

Different but equal. Volunteers discuss Pride month and diversity

The pride month comes to an end, and today we celebrate LGBT Equality Day! With both words and actions, IntegrART volunteers support an idea of equality, tolerance and acceptance in society. Today our volunteers share a few words on the issue, how the situation with the equality looks like in their countries… And not only that – each of us added a song associated with this celebration, so you can also update your playlists 🙂

Let’s celebrate diversity and stay open so we can all build a better present and future for each person!


Pride month in my eyes is a celebratory month that MUST exist in order to celebrate the equality and diversity and showcase that we all are different but we are all the same with the same problems needs etc. For hundreds or thousands of years a lot of people were cast aside, were persecuted and even killed for being themselves and they had to live their lives hiding and having troubles everyday. By celebrating Pride month there is a lot more visibility that is needed in order for everyone to realize that there is nothing abnormal being an LGBTQ person and everyone should be treated equally and with kindness.

❤️Wrabel – The Village

The video of the song starts with the phrase „In nature, a flock will attack any bird that is more colourful than the others because being different is seen as a threat. The song was inspired by two transgender kids that met with the creator at a concert and were unconditionally themselves and it made an impact to the singer. It talks about how LGBTQ people especially in small communities never get accepted and cast aside for being themselves and how LGBTQ people are being treated still to this day and the (mental) impact that this has for the rest of their lives!


Pride month is a beautiful opportunity for everyone to show who they are and how they want to be treated in the modern society and for the others to notice them! That these are the people we see in our everyday life, who deserve the same amount of respect, love and rights! And not only for one month, always. The situation with paying attention to diversity and tolerance has improved in Ukraine in the last years. For example, recently our government submitted a draft law on registered partnerships. This is a new institution for those who cannot or do not want to get married. It could be used by military and civilians, same-sex and opposite-sex couples. Before that, the government also adopted the law, according to which it is prohibited for the media to distribute content that incites discrimination or oppression of individuals and groups, in particular, on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

I would say that there’s still a lot to do to make it better, but I can notice our people, especially of my generation, have progressive thinking. And they will write new chapters for Ukraine, hopefully a more positive ones!

🧡Queen – Don’t Stop me now

A lot of Queen’s song can be considered an anthem of power, enjoyment, self-confidence and acceptance. Let’s listen to one of them!


I experienced the pride parade several times in Vienna and I find this event very important. Pride Month is a celebration that honors the LGBTQ+ community and their ongoing struggle for equality and acceptance. Each year hundreds of thousands of people gather, the whole Vienna is partying, rainbow colors everywhere. I missed not being there this year when I saw photos from my friends. It a bright and colorful day in the beginning of summer, an open celebration of queerness.

Unfortunately in June, loads of companies advertise themselves and their products in a certain way. Everywhere you can see rainbow flags and statements. This phenomenon is called wokewashing since these companies address social uses solely to promote themselves, but fail to ensure equality and inclusivity within their own company. But at least more attention is created for this topic. I hope that less people will suffer discrimination and I wish everyone happy pride month!

💛todrick hall – nails, hair, hips, heels


From my perspective, Pride month is very important as it serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights and equality. It provides a platform to celebrate the rich diversity within the community and recognize the achievements and contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history. By embracing and celebrating diversity, we foster a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and accepted for who they are.

The situation in Ukraine regards to LGBTQ+ rights remains challenging, but some positive changes are already visible. Over the past 6 years, the number of people who have a negative attitude towards LGBTQ+ people has decreased: in 2016, 60.4% of respondents had a negative attitude towards representatives of the community, and in 2022 this number was 38.2%. It is crucial to support the voices of Ukrainian activists and work towards a future where all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

💚Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep?


It was April 5, 1972, and in Sanremo, the „city of flowers” in Liguria, known throughout the world for its festival, an event was taking place that would make the history of the Italian LGBTQ+ community: for the first time, a group of militants and activists for LGBTQ+ rights decided to take to the streets to demonstrate against a convention on sexual deviances, in which homosexuality was also included. From the decision of a few, something was born that today is a point of reference for many: the first Italian Pride. From that year, at the beginning of June, a lot of people participate in the PRIDE as demonstrations against discrimination and for minority rights. Unfortunately, according to the report of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, our country is in thirty-fourth place out of forty-nine European states for legislation in favor of the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people, but I am confident that our generation will bring only progress: I would like people to be free to be whoever they want and above all I would like the concept of the traditional family to progress.

💙Marco Mengoni – Prohibito

In this song for the first time the singer seems to talk about homosexual love. “A casa tua di Domenica Sospesi su un filo ti guardo e sorrido Il nostro deve essere amore perché proibito” “At your house on Sunday Suspended on a thread I look at you and smile Ours must be love because it is forbidden”


I believe Pride Month is important for reminding people that no matter who they are, we are all equal. As it’s name suggests, it is about pride in one’s self. By celebrating these differences and admitting, that it is okay to be different, we are encouraging more and more people to come out of their shadows and be proud of who they are. Our gender, race, or sexuality should never be the reason for oppression. We are, in the end, all humans and we deserve to be loved and respected.

💜BTS – Love Yourself

Hopefully after listening to this song and reading the lyrics, you will be able to love yourself a little more today even with all your flaws and scars, because they are, in the end, all part of you.

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