IntegrART7: an introduction

IntegrART7: an introduction


To the readers of our website, we must inform you that six has turned into seven and a new batch of volunteers has arrived in Krakow to spread the message of Integration through ART & CULTURE. Here is the IntegrART7 team.


Hii, my name is Anastasia and I’m 18 years old.

I realised that going to university right after high school was just too boring so I decided to do a gap year as a part of the @integrart_volunteerinkrakow project. Now I’m the new volunteer at @27lo_krakow and I’m excited to work with the students throughout the year 🏫. A few things I’m about to do:

⁃ supporting the social media team

⁃ doing German and English conversations

⁃ helping in organising school events

⁃ making my own project with students

Some important things about me for you to now:

⁃ I’m afraid of butterflies or basically everything that has wings 🦋

⁃ I’m a slooow life person

⁃ I once participated in a German Kids Quiz TV-Show, but it wasn’t on TV 😭

Jokes aside, as a true German I like hiking and I never laugh. I like to watch basketball and do beach volleyball, but since we don’t have any cool beaches in Germany, I have to find them outside the country 🗺️✈️. Any recommendations for beaches around the Kraków haha?

Nice to meet youu 🤠


Yo! I’m Joseph from Lithuania and I will be volunteering in Kraków’s cultural club Przegorzały!

I’m a fresh high-school graduate and have already known for a couple of years that ESC volunteering would be my next step in life. See, my school, Siauliai Didzdvaris Gymnasium, also hosts an ESC project! So, for 4 years I got to see how fun volunteering can be!

As I am working towards a career in illustration/animation, a university diploma is not exactly needed. That coupled with the fact that a long-term volunteering project allows for an immense amount of personal growth, my choice was obvious. Here I can work on photography, graphic design, time management, event organising and various other core skills for my future.

In K. K. Przegorzały I will be helping with a myriad of different activities and also hosting some of my own projects. For instance, I plan to host an art contest as well as have several workshops all relating to art and culture. So, stay tuned!

I can tell you a couple of fun facts about myself! I’ve finished both an art school and a music school when I was a bit younger. This allowed me to indulge myself in a variety of artistic sectors. Those being: illustration, music creation, video editing and writing! Art runs in my veins haha

Additionally, living in Krakow has taught me that I am an avid enjoyer of wraps, burritos, kebabs and any other type of tortilla meal! For the first two/three weeks that was all I ate, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now I’ve upgraded to instant ramen!

And finally, I love wearing the colour black. It seems that it just fits any person that wears it. Like a cheat colour! And also, relating to the colour black, I absolutely adore black cats, even though I am very allergic to them! They remind me of Toothless too much.


Hey everyone! My name is Antonia, I’m 19 years old from Germany and thrilled to be part of the team in @kk_mydlniki for the upcoming year!

Let me share a little bit about me and my journey: In 2022, I graduated from high school and spent the following year volunteering in Marseille, France. This city, the experience to live and work as a volunteer as well as the incredible people I got to

meet there all inspired me to discover yet another country and to apply for IntergART7!

(let’s be real, I’m also just too lazy for university)

Apart from volunteering in countries where I don’t speak the language (I’m working on it tho!), I love to dance and to do yoga, to cook and above all to eat some good food. On top of that, I’m completely OBSESSED with cats. “Happier than ever” by Billie Eilish is my most streamed song on Spotify and if I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, I’d honor my German roots and go for bread.

Have an awesome day!


Helloo everyone, my name is Mila and I am from France 🇫🇷

I am a social worker and so far I have worked with disabled children, women victims of trauma and refugees.

I love to discover new ways of expression, and I’m in love with all forms of arts. Being part of the IntegrART project is another step for me, it is where my interest in social issues and culture in general both meet. I’m the new volunteer in @kk_wola – filia Centrum Kultury Dworek Białoprądnicki and I am really looking forward to all the things that we can do together ☺️

Here is some juicy info about me :

I whistle more than I should and make faces more than I would like. In keeping with my Frenchness you will usually find me protesting in the street and if not in a bakery. I know a good piece of bread when I see one and I’ve seen a bunch around Krakow already !

Careful about your bread and pastries Krakowianie, here I come !


Dzień dobry!

I’m Daniel and it’s an honour for me to be the next volunteer in @dworekbialopradnicki as a part of @integrart_volunteerinkrakow project.

I’m a singer-songwriter from Crimea, Ukraine 🇺🇦

Needless to say that over the last year and a half of a full-scale invasion a lot has happened to me.

After I left my home I became a volunteer at the Art Studio for Ukrainian children in Georgia.

I also participated in the non-formal education project as a Kids Instructor and did loads of other things.

People call me oversharing and I guess this is true. I also can be overemotional, overreacting, overwhelmed and other «over» things.

Music is my passion and true calling. Hope I’ll be a decent artist one day.

I’m also into nature, poetry, hiking, basketball and cycling.

For me being here is a personal thing for sure, cause I’d like to serve the people of Poland and also my people who are in Kraków.

Random facts about me:

I was told that my laugh is even more funny than my actual jokes (though my jokes are funny, well, sometimes). I’m always leaving my socks in unexpected places. I’m walking fast, eating fast and living fast.

Looking forward to run my own podcast on @jazzkultura, make some music workshops and a bunch of cultural events for the local community. See you in Dworek. Do zobaczenia!


Hello everyone,
I am Mihaela, an artist hailing from the crossroads of Moldova🇲🇩 and România🇷🇴. Over the upcoming year, I shall embark on a captivating journey as a dedicated volunteer at @klub_kultury_lokietek

My soul is a tapestry of emotions and sensitivities, intricately woven into the realms of artistic expression. Within the vast sphere of creativity, I accumulate my innermost sentiments into the realms of fashion and textile design, the magic of each thread that creates an embroidery, the stains of painting, the depths of sculpture, the vividness of illustrations, the enchantment of animations, and the soul-capturing essence of photography.

My muse, the nurturing embrace of nature, intertwines with my artistic endeavors, inspiring each creation. In my leisure moments, I’m an adventurer on two wheels, pedaling through the world’s treasures, or gliding gracefully on the waters in a kayak.

Travel is my elixir, and every destination unfolds a symphony of emotions and architectural marvels that resonate with my sensitive soul. Art has been my faithful companion, allowing me to vocalize my deepest feelings and share them with the world.

In this conic and complex narrative, I invite you to join me on this artistic odyssey, where emotions become masterpieces, and each stroke of creativity resonates with the multifaceted tapestry of existence. 🌍🎨🪡🧵🛶🚴🏻‍♀️✈️🌟

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